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vis cu anima

11 noiembrie, 2008 02:23
Deschid aceasta sectiune cu un dialog purtat cu unul din cursantii nostri din afara Romaniei. Dialogul s-a purtat in limba engleza si se refera la un vis interpretat dupa metoda Jungiana.

I have been having repeatedly a dream whereby a female figure (the anima?) drives a boat on a river, or a bus, although usually there is water on the dream. The dream follows in that I want to leave the boat or the bus.

Can you give me hint of what this means

Dear ***,
It seems that your anima is leading your life. That is, your soul or feelings are guiding you. Actually is quite possible that your anima beeing projected onto a female figure in your real life such as a mother, sister, girl friend. Tha fact that you wish to quit the boat or the vehicle seems to point to your inner need of further developing your individuation, which implied an emancipation of your Ego from the control of the anima through the integration of anima features.

PS Desigur ca o interpretare nu se face fara asociatiile visatorului. Dar exista motive care se repta in visele noastre si care pot duce la interpretari asemanatoare.
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vis cu anima

Ioan Ionut 5207 11 noiembrie, 2008 02:23

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